Tectonic Elements designs and manufactures transducers and electronic components for audio applications.

The transducer solutions employ NXT® licensed methodologies. The company’s flagship transducer is its BMR® speaker driver.

The products are used in consumer audio, industrial and automotive applications.

Applications & case studies

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Alpine Headphones TKR3

“I love how you can feel a great live performance in your entire body, not just your ears. And the headphones Alpine left with me to evaluate do live up to their promise of rocking your cabeza…..these phones are much more than simplistic bass monsters.”

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Q Acoustics M4What HiFi award winner 2014

“The Q Acoustics M4 features advanced ‘BMR’ (Balanced Mode Radiator) speaker drive units, which produce extraordinarily wide sound dispersion. This not only creates clear room filling sound, but also means every listener will enjoy the same outstanding sound quality wherever they sit in the listening room.”

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Featured products


TEBM130H10-8, rectangular BMR®
Super slim, full range, up to 180° sound coverage that delivers voluminous audio allowing everyone in the room to appreciate the amazing immersive experience of BMR.

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