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About us

Tectonic Elements designs and manufactures transducers and electronic components for audio applications. The transducer solutions employ NXT® licensed methodologies. The company’s flagship transducer is its BMR® speaker driver. The products are used across a wide range of consumer audio, industrial and automotive applications.

In todayʼs world of converged consumer electronics, the user needs to make use of all senses to optimise efficient usage. Audio cues and voice prompts enhance the userʼs productivity. Consumers also deserve the best in audio entertainment, and thanks to Tectonic Elements, the best experience at an affordable price is now a reality.

Tectonic Elements’ product development has been aligned with consumers’ quest for superior quality audio in small form factor and portable devices.

Tectonic Elements offers a range of products encompassing physical and electronic components and platforms that offer designers a rapid route to market with market-leading technology.

Tectonic Elements’ has created a suite of devices that provide end-users of enabled products with a sub-conscious recognition that their experience is all the better thanks to Tectonic Elements’ technology.