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Business overview

Tectonic Elements develops, makes and sells electronic components for audio applications. The company╩╝s flagship audio transducer is its BMR┬« speaker driver. Using bending wave techniques to control modal function of its panel, the result is a quality and depth of sound that belies its physical size. Moreover BMR is a full audio frequency range loudspeaker with amazingly wide dispersion. Coupled with Tectonic Elements’ amplifier technology – a novel ultra-efficient audio power amplifier chip – designers now have the opportunity to develop top quality loudspeaker systems that consume a fraction of the power of conventional ones, enabling new genres of audio products. Tectonic Elements sells BMRs in different audio power ratings and their amplifier chips either stand-alone or built into modules for straightforward design-ins.

Tectonic Elements’ range of exciters enable flat panels to be turned into bending wave loudspeakers to deliver audio in a wide variety of challenging applications where space and form factor is an issue. Our exciters are in action in cars and aircraft, toys and games, consumer electronics and industrial applications. Tectonic Elements sells a range of size and output power exciters.