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Parrot Zikmu Solo-2x HARP and 1 x HIBM46

This unit is a masterpiece of iPhone dock greatness, that’s for certain. If you’re not an iPhone or iPod owner working with a unit thats got a 30-pin connector under the bottom, you might want to wait for a Parrot Zikmu either devoid of a dock at the top or one that also has the […]

General interest-HIBM65

I bought a few of the $7 US HiWave HiBM65C20F-8 BMR wide range drivers. At the price, I could not resist. Initial impression is that they sound good, and it’s hard to tell if one is off or on axis as it sounds about the same wherever you stand. Read the review.

HiWave Endfire wireless Bluetooth Speaker plays music for 100 hours straight

A new wireless Bluetooth speaker that can provide up to 100 hours of music playback from a single charge has been unveiled by HiWave Technologies. The HiWave Endfire is currently only a prototype but can already be paired up to PCs, smartphones and tablets via a Bluetooth connection while three 2200mAh batteries help deliver the […]

Creative Soundblaster Axx SBX20-HiAS2002

Finally, we have a third and larger PCB which slides out from the unit itself. This board houses the amplifiers and other electronics that will allow the Axx SBX 20 to create “room filling sound” over a single 500mV USB connection. Let’s take a closer look… At the heart of this board is the Audium […]

Marantz Consolette, 2 x HiBM36S12

The Consolette is powered by two 4in bass drivers – standard enough – and a pair of BMR drivers towards each end of the chunky dock. These are flat drivers, and provide much wider dispersion than a cone driver. This should, in theory, remove the directionality problem suffered by most speaker docks. Our demo time […]