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Glossary of terms

A driver device that controls the function of bending waves in a surface to create a full range (lowest-to-highest audible frequencies) wide-dispersion (surround-sound) loudspeaker.
Distributed Mode Loudspeaker – a transducer product that uses an exciter to create audible bending wave patterns in flat panels and surfaces. Tectonic Elements DML devices are moving coil transducers optimally attached to surfaces through the companyʼs patented technology.
Commonly used term for the transducer that generates sound in a loudspeaker product.
A transducer that stimulates a surface or object with vibrations, or bending waves to create an audio sensation.
A device that turns one kind of energy into another. Specifically for Tectonic Elements this means electrical energy into a physical effect, such as mechanical vibration or sound.