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Tectonic Elements was founded following the acquisition of HiWave Audio by FLAT Audio Technologies, a privately held Limited Liability Corporation based in the State of Washington, USA. FLAT Audio is dedicated to the adoption, development and distribution of leading-edge audio technologies that change the landscape of pro audio and consumer audio products. All FLAT Audio activities have the goal of changing the capabilities, performance and economies of the markets that they serve.

HiWave Audio was created in late 2010 as the rebirth of NXT, commercially exploiting its many years of IP development and creating an impressive product portfolio.

With its origins in the UK-based Hi-Fi industry, NXT was able to create Intellectual Property enabling excitation of many sizes, shapes and types of surface to create conformal and panel speakers.

Further development of the BMR® technology, a full-frequency range, wide-angle speaker drive unit delivering true-to-life audio reproduction. The technological realisation of Bending Wave Physics encompasses the software, hardware and transducer technology required to deliver top quality audio solutions to consumer, computing, automotive, industrial and aerospace market sectors.

Today, Tectonic Elements focuses on the development of stand-alone audio products including BMR loudspeakers and audio amplifier chips and modules.