Tectonic Elements Packs Maximum Performance in a New Miniature BMR® Speaker

June 30th, 2015

St.Neots, UK – The Tectonic Elements BMR speaker family has a new and petite member with remarkable audio characteristics. The TEBM35C10-4 BMR driver provides 100Hz – 20kHz frequency response over a 180⁰ dispersion; all within a 52mm diameter form factor.

TEBM35C10-4 PR Sm“Our new BMR driver offers extraordinary performance in an extremely small device”, explains Caroline O’Brien, Tectonic Elements Managing Director. “This tiny driver can deliver large sound to desk-top, TV, automotive and personal technology devices.”The BMR is pistonic across its lower and mid frequencies, then blends pistonic and resonant mode behaviour from 3kHz to beyond 20kHz.

This modal element delivers the wide sound dispersion and true reproduction of the vocal range that is unique to BMR, when typical cone speakers beam at higher frequencies.“The experience is simply one of full range immersive audio, wherever one is listening”, adds O’Brien.

BMR speakers allow a product design to benefit from true 360 degree sound from only 2 drivers. As well as delivering full range audio, the new TEBM35C10-4 BMR delivers clarity of sound across the vocal range; benefiting any product required to deliver vocal content, playing MP3s, conferencing phones, TVs and intercom devices.

“The quality of the new BMR is superb for compact form-factor audio applications. Its performance belies its physical size”, says Neil Robb, EU Sales Manager. “We’re as eager as our partners to learn in how many applications it can be implemented.”

The TEBM35C10-4 BMR is available to order now. Please contact Tectonic Elements directly (sales@tectonicelements.com), or your local sales representative. Please reference this press release to reserve your sample units.